Pet Please: Grandmas

I love so much about grandmas that I wish I weren’t typing this on my iPhone so I could go on and on.

I love that my grandma took four giant scallops wrapped in bacon tonight when that would have been impolite for anyone else.

I love that my sorta grandma can turn off her can turn off her hearing aid and rejoice in the silence…although it is sad that when they’re on, she hears a cacophony of sound.

I love that grandmas can fall asleep wherever, whenever.

And perhaps most of all, I love listening to grandmas play Taboo. This should be a network TV show. It’s incredible. It’s so cure and endearing and funny and you just want to hug them while they’re trying to describe “miniskirt” without saying “short,” bubut they keep saying “short” anyway…damn I love grandmas.

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