Guest Post: Harley Is Numb

Hi everybody. My name is Harley May. I’m a wife, mother, and aspiring writer. This isn’t my first time on Jamey’s blog and he reluctantly let me write a guest post after I bribed him with kitten pictures thankful he let me come back. I asked Jamey if I could do a guest spot because … Read more

Stop Here on Red?

Today I got stuck behind a car that stopped in front of a road sign that read “Stop Here on Red” and did not continue to turn. No big deal. Road signs can be misinterpreted. And for all I know, I don’t know what that sign means. In my book, “Stop Here on Red,” means, … Read more

Two Businesses I Don’t Understand

Airlines. Is there any other business that can charge you drastically different rates depending on when you buy their product, be consistently late, and sometimes even cancel your service altogether, often without any refund? Imagine if, say, the deli down the street operated like an airline. If you buy a sandwich at 10:30 in the … Read more

Let’s Get Quirky

Three ideas. One winner. To the victor go the spoils. I’ll explain the stakes at the end of this post. PlayMaker T-Shirt: The PlayMaker T-Shirt lets you draw up plays for sports on the shirt with your finger (similar to running your finger against the grain on a carpet) and then wipe it clean with … Read more

I’ve Created a Monster

A few weeks ago, I wrote about how I was due for a new, weird ailment that seems to strike me every year in early July. And yet here I am, disease free. What happened? Well, I realized what happened: The ailment skipped me and divided into two divergent paths, striking my brother and my … Read more

How to Make Soccer 5x More Entertaining

I want to preface this post by saying that I love soccer (or to those of you in Europe or South America, soccer). I’ve played it since I was 5, I love watching it, and I’ve even coached it. I care about this game more than any other sport. Also, I don’t really care if … Read more