Stop Here on Red?

Today I got stuck behind a car that stopped in front of a road sign that read “Stop Here on Red” and did not continue to turn.

No big deal. Road signs can be misinterpreted. And for all I know, I don’t know what that sign means.

In my book, “Stop Here on Red,” means, “Hey you, driver person! You might think that you should stop on red up there, but wait wait wait! Hold on. You should actually stop back here. Yeah, way back here. Okay, have you stopped where I told you? Awesome. Now if there’s no one coming, you can turn on red now.”

This is in stark contrast to “No Turn on Red,” which means, “For no reason whatsoever–even if your pregnant wife in the back seat is crowning and a crazy, undead, bloodthirsty snowman is smashing in your window and you just realized that you forgot to set your TiVo for the new My Boys season–should you turn right during a red light at this intersection.”

Wait, does the wife crown or the baby? Guys don’t know these things.

How do you interpret “Stop Here on Red”? And in the future, couldn’t that sign just be a little more specific? It doesn’t have to be as lengthy as my description above, but a simple, “Stop Here on Red. Turning Permissible” would work.

Daily Quickie: I don’t know much about the Green Lantern, but this ridiculously cute moment at Comic Con (watch the kid when he shows off his ring) makes me want to know more.