I’ve Created a Monster

A few weeks ago, I wrote about how I was due for a new, weird ailment that seems to strike me every year in early July.

And yet here I am, disease free. What happened?

Well, I realized what happened: The ailment skipped me and divided into two divergent paths, striking my brother and my cat with such voracity that they were helpless to its whims.

My brother: Andrew, a healthy, tall, skinny 24-year-old, had what felt like a heart attack a week ago. He went to the hospital, where it was discovered that he had a hole in his lungs (Andrew doesn’t smoke). He had surgery on Saturday to repair the hole, and he’s recovering in the hospital now. He’s a trooper.

My cat:  Early last week I noticed that Biddy was aggressively licking his front left paw. When I inspected it, I found that it was raw and bleeding a little. I washed it and applied some antibacterial cream, which he promptly licked off. I thought it might get better, but it didn’t, so I took him to the doctor. Now he’s walking funny around the house wearing this:

Poor Biddy. 10 days. 10 days he has to wear the cone.

I’m sure you can see what happened here. My weird ailment divided into a two-headed hydra of doom and attacked my brother and my cat. Next year it’ll be even worse. Better steer clear of me in July 2011.

Daily Quickie: A friend of mine has started a really unique blog. Go check it out here and subscribe to it. I foresee great things for this talented writer.

9 thoughts on “I’ve Created a Monster”

  1. not quite a hole in the lung.. rather a ‘bleb’ that leaked air causing great pain to the other organs trying to share the chest cavity space — hence the pain like a heart attack. So beware young, tall and slender men and some women– you share the propensity for this. Poor Biddy !!! I am not sure I like the analogy because your friends and other family members should also beware next July.

  2. No matter what is is, that sounds scary!Do they know what causes or triggers it?

    Poor Biddy indeed. I think he may look even cuter with the cone though. But I’m sure the look on his face is pure annoyance and disgust. I have a feeling he couldn’t look at the camera because he was so humiliated!

    • He’s extremely humiliated. He knows how cute he is, but he can’t groom himself when he’s wearing the cone!

  3. The only cause is tall, skinny, male, in their 20’s… though some females with the same description. Of course we say ‘young, tall, skinny, good looking male that can sing’
    Yes I too wondered about Biddy shyness on camera.

    • So, I guess I’m safe then. I’m only considered tall in Munchkinland.

      I’m sure Biddy was thinking, “Jamey, if I find out that this picture ended up on your blog, I will exact a revenge so evil on you it can’t even be described.” Watch your back, Jamey!

      • Fortunately, he can’t exact revenge while he’s wearing the cone! I’m sure he’s plotting something ingenious, though.


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