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I love Outlook calendar reminders to the point of unhealthy dependency. Like, do you remember your first real girlfriend, the one who kissed you and let you feel her outside her bra? The one whose smell you can still remember in the springtime? The one who gave you a mixed tape (a tape, not a CD–a tape recorded from the radio) that you still know by heart? You loved her even though you had no idea what love was. That’s the kind of love I have for Outlook calendar reminders.

I not only use Outlook reminders for things like actual meetings, events, and birthdays, but to remind me to think about things or consider things. I have reminders that I’ve put on Outlook for years in the future that reference my state of mind in the present day.

A reminder popped up this past February to remind me to think about going to Europe this summer. On the reminder was a note to myself about when I had entered that reminder, because Past Jamey knew that Future Jamey would have no concept of that amount of time. Turned out that I had written the reminder two years in the past! I snoozed it for another year. No time for Europe this year. At least not this summer. Istanbul can wait.

I also have recurring reminders that remind me to rue people. Most of them are from my previous job. For example, a recent one was: “Tracy rues today for making fun of me for mispronouncing “succulent,” even though I was actually correctly pronouncing it.” (In all fairness to Tracy, I often mispronounce words…she just picked the wrong one.) This reminder is followed an hour later by this reminder: “Amanda gets props for making fun of Tracy today.”

These reminders will continue for all eternity. I’ll be 93 and I’ll be reminded that there was once a word called “props.”

Also, as I’ve mentioned before, I snooze things quite a bit on Outlook. I think my longest snooze was 108 weeks, something crazy like that. It was an amazing run. The reminder was to wash the leather seats in my car. Who wants to do that today when you can do that in two weeks? Snooze!

I know I’m not the same one who relies so heavily on Outlook calendar reminders. What do you use it for?

3 thoughts on “Remind Me to Read This”

  1. I guess you can turn off that Outlook reminder about Europe. (You probably already did.) How good does it feel to check something off the list that’s been on there for 3 years?


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