Confession #15: Whining About Wine

I love the idea of drinking wine.

I love swishing it around in the glass (I’m a stemless kind of guy). I love smelling it, listening to it, tasting it.

I love all the pretense around wine. It’s like a prop for overacting. The more you pretend to know about wine, the more fun it is. You can claim definitively that you know the year, the soil, the locality, the tannins, the “hint of raspberry and springtime and sapphire and shoelaces.” It’s spectacular.

It was a sad day several years ago when I made the connection between wine and headaches. I had been getting headaches almost immediately after drinking wine–especially white wine–but it took me a while to realize the cause. Red wine really isn’t too bad, but I’m always self conscious while drinking red wine because it often leaves red residue on your lips and teeth. You always know when someone’s been drinking red wine because they look like they put on lipstick for the first time that day.

So now I’m the guy at wine tastings who has a Bud Select in hand. And the allure of wineries is pretty much gone. I’ll have a sip every now and then, but that’s pretty much it.

However, I may soon be getting back on/off the bandwagon. I learned the other day from a friend that there is a wine that doesn’t cause headaches. She didn’t reveal this mystery wine, but I shall be trying it soon. If you know of any similar wines, let me know.

Daily Quickie: Lately there seems to be a rash of my best ideas being brought to fruition in innovative ways. This company has taken my treadmill racing/MarioKart Gym idea and merged it into a single treadmill that you could even buy for home use. Well done.

7 thoughts on “Confession #15: Whining About Wine”

  1. Please let me know the name of this mysterious wine that doesn’t cause headaches.

    The Girl Who Drank a Bottle of Pinot Grigio Last Night

  2. I’ve found that the tannins in red wine and champagne are the worst! White wine is usually okay for me in moderation and rieslings are the best, in my experience. I’m the same, though. I lost my attraction to wine after too many wine migraines. 🙂


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