Pet Peeve #22: Drive Safe!

Do I look like I'm unable to drive safely without your reminder?

How many times in your life has someone told you in parting, “Drive safe”? How many times have you said it (or the grammatically correct version, “Drive safely”)?

Okay, I get it. It’s just one of those things we say. It’s really no different than saying “goodbye.” So then why do we even say it? What is the point in telling someone to drive safe?

It bothers me because of course they’re going to drive safe. Do you really think they’re going to get into their car and intentionally swerve all over the road? They don’t need you to tell them which driving option they should choose: safe or reckless.

That’s my internal reaction when I hear someone say this. And again, I know they’re just being polite. But it’s one of those phrases that I think we could do without.

Daily Quickie: On that survey I recently distributed, there was a question about PowerPoint. I think this illustrates how other mediums are probably better than a slideshow (Star Wars fans, you’re going to like this. A lot).