Pet Peeve #9: Songs That Contain Traffic Noises

One of the great things about taking a solo road trip, as I discovered this past weekend, is that you can do whatever you want in the car. You can:

  • wipe your sticky hands on your jeans
  • undo your belt. And your jeans. And your zipper
  • fart at will
  • sing at the top of your lungs

I’m sure you’ve had this happen. You’re lost in your own world, singing some Lady Ga-Ga song (I use that purely as an example…not a fan), hitting all the key notes (not really), and all of a sudden:


Instantly you’re snapped out of you’re revelry. You glance all around you–mirrors, blind spots, everywhere–for the car that’s honking at you.

And then you realize that Lady Ga-Ga put traffic noises in her song.

That’s not even the worst. Honks and beeps are one thing, but police and ambulance sirens are on a whole new level. Those noises will scare you.

So to all you musicians out there: Please, please don’t put traffic noises in your cars. Leave me in peace with my sticky jeans, farts, and off-key singing. Please.

Daily Quickie: There are only a few bands that I love so much that I would buy their entire album without testing a single song. Arcade Fire is one such band, and their latest album, The Suburbs, dropped today. Yeah, I just used the term “dropped.” I went there. Deal with it. (And let’s hope Arcade Fire didn’t use any traffic sounds in their new songs!)