The Coolest Movie Theater Ever

That's a translucent tray, not a censor of my crotch. In case there was any question.

I don’t go to movies at AMC theaters in St. Louis.

There’s nothing particularly wrong with the theaters. They usually have big, comfortable seats and stadium seating. The biggest issue I have is that their popcorn is terrible, and I’m a popcorn guy. So the independent chains get my money.

However, I saw a movie at an AMC theater in Kansas City this weekend that blows all other movie theaters out of the water.

AMC is based in Kansas City, so they test out new ideas there. One of the concepts they’re testing is the idea of movie suites (opposed to theaters). These suits have about 18 plush leather recliners in place of seats, traytops, and assigned seating (you choose your seats in advance, like any live theater).

Best of all, you can order food during the movie. That’s right–a waiter will come right to your seat and take your order. Surprisingly, this doesn’t distract you from the movie at all, and the food is actually pretty good. They even have sweet ice tea!.

Even more surprisingly for me, the popcorn was excellent. What’s up with that, AMC? Why does your theater concept get delicious popcorn, but not St. Louis?

Daily Quickie: People in the TV and movie biz say that the camera adds 15 pounds. So why doesn’t someone (James Cameron, are you reading this?) invent a camera that subtracts 15 pounds? That way actresses wouldn’t have to starve themselves to look normal on the big screen. Bam! Million dollar idea, for free on this blog.

8 thoughts on “The Coolest Movie Theater Ever”

  1. There’s just one thing missing from that theater, some way to relieve yourself without leaving the theater. There are logistical difficulties with this, but if you can invent that missing piece (and not be gross), you’ll make more than that weight subtracting camera.

  2. Do these theaters only have 18 seats, or are the suites sectioned off from the rest of the theater, like box seats? How much of a premium did you have to pay for your seat? Was the increased ticket price worth the experience? What if there was a really cute Asian waitress serving you? How much would you pay then? 🙂

    • The suite was a separate room. Like, in the building there were 3 normal theaters and 3 suites. My seat was $25–$10 for the seat, $15 credit for the food (but I couldn’t have gotten the seat without the credit). Was it worth it? Kind of. It was in the middle of the day when I’m used to tickets being cheaper, so a $5 ticket plus a $15 credit would have been better. And there actually WAS a cute Asian waitress serving me. Not distracting at all!

      Ha ha…as for the world being my toilet, I only mean that I like big open spaces for bathrooms. I like the handicap stall more than the normal stalls, for example.


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