The Best Map of the US #2

Time for another map of the US. This one was submitted by John after three beers:

There’s an artistic simplicity here. It looks like John drew the outline of the map without lifting his pen off the paper, which is an achievement upon itself. Aside from the odd little peninsula up near Massachusetts, I’m more curious about what’s not there than what is. For example, what’s the concavity where Arizona and New Mexico should be? Did John secede them them to Mexico?

At first when I looked at this, I thought that the “Go Purdue!” was pointing to an entire area that represented Purdue. Now I see that John chose one state to draw–Indiana–because it contains Purdue.

As for who “you” are, we can only guess. Based on the geography presented here, “you” is someone living on the border of Missouri and Iowa. Someone should probably tell him that he just got mentioned on this blog.

Got a map of the US for me? Not yet? Sit down with a beer and a pen this evening and watch the magic happen. E-mail it to