The Rules of Calling Shotgun

The whole concept of calling shotgun is ridiculous. If I ruled the world, I’d simply abolish it. Do people really care that much about getting the front seat? I mean, in the back seat you can just sit back there and relax and not have to do anything. Calling shotgun is just one of those things teenagers invented to have one more way to compete with each another.

That said, like it or not, shotgun exists. It will continue to exist until the day that portable GPS wormholes are invented. So let’s all be on the same page about the rules. Here’s my take:

  1. Shotgun may only be called when you can actually see the vehicle.
  2. You must say the word “shotgun” loud enough to be heard by the other passengers (at the bare minimum, the driver).
  3. Shotgun only applies to the trip immediately following calling shotgun. (Just because you can see the car doesn’t mean you can call shotgun for later in the day.)

That’s pretty much it. But can’t we all agree just to stop playing this game? If we don’t pass it on to our children, shotgun could go away altogether.

Daily Quickie: How many of you thought about the evolutionary purpose of kissing while making out with your significant other today?

7 thoughts on “The Rules of Calling Shotgun”

  1. I actually like the backseat when I’m with 2 or more people, the AC isn’t blowing directly on me and giving me goosebumps as bad. I’ll sit up front if there’s just me and the driver, but other than that I don’t call shotgun, ever. Plus, if you and your significant other happen to be in the backseat and someone else is driving you can have discreet fun.
    Yes I did think about the evolutionary purpose of kissing yesterday, I actually researched good kissing techniques online and learned a lot. I figure if kissing is actually good for something, I mind as well learn how to do it properly.

    • Shot gun in Florida is important for the reasoning of the a/c. No matter what, in the backseat, even if there are extra vents back there, it’s always disgustingly and stiflingly hot. There’s just no getting around it. Front seat is infinitely better in Florida. Harley can agree I’m certain.

  2. I’ll be honest. I loved calling shot gun growing up, but only to deprive my brother of the front seat. He wanted the front seat badly.

    So, with that logic, I will continue to call shot gun when my brother is around. I will shout it out when driving with other people I enjoy frustrating also.

    Now that I know you don’t like it, Jamey, I plan on doing it EVERY TIME I GET INTO A CAR WITH YOU. You only have yourself to blame.

  3. I think I’m of the same thinking here as you, Jamey, so I’d like to add rule number 4: You have not yet graduated from high school, and neither have your fellow passengers.

  4. Jamey, the shotgun photo on this blog is so funny. It reminded me of a trip I just took to Eckert’s this past weekend to go apple-picking. Everyone was on the big wagon leaving the apple orchard, when the wagon suddenly took off – and this guy whose family was already on the wagon was left behind by accident. He started running after the wagon, while we all reached out our hands so he could hop on. He finally grabbed someone’s hand and jumped onto the wagon (next to me, actually), just like the guy is jumping onto the truck in your photo. It was like a scene out of a movie. lol.


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