What Do You Want When You’re Sick?

Apparently this guy craves giant waffles when he's sick.

I had a migraine today, the type of migraine that I saw coming a mile away and took a few pills, but they didn’t help. So I took off work an hour early and took a nap in the dark at home with my cat on my chest (he was trying to help).

The experience brought to mind a question that a friend brought up the other day: What do you want when you’re sick? I think we all have different needs and desires in those situations, and they may depend on the type of sickness. What I want when I have a migraine (a silent, dark room, maybe a cool hand on my forehead for a few minutes) is different than when I normally get sick.

My “normal” sickness that I get about once a year is a head cold. I want plenty of orange-mango-pineapple juice, fresh fruit, and spinach salad when I have such a cold. I don’t want any dairy products–they make my throat feel weird. Although I have a sweet tooth, so I crave ice cream and milk chocolate and sweets…I just don’t actually enjoy consuming them when I’m sick. I also don’t have any sexual desires (or even the desire to kiss) when I’m sick.

I’ve also had the stomach flu (or maybe food poisoning) once when I had a girlfriend. She was really gentle and understanding and compassionate. That’s all I really want. I don’t want someone harping on me–just a little compassion and a soothing backrub is awesome.

What about you? What do you want when you’re sick?

8 thoughts on “What Do You Want When You’re Sick?”

  1. This post was meant for me, I’ve been sick and off work this whole week.
    My sickness was my yearly summer installment of sinus flare-up that typically morphs into pneumonia if I don’t catch it soon enough.
    I like a dark room, about 5 extra blankets, boxes of kleenex, constant supply of Cepacol drops, Nyquil(no Dayquil since I don’t plan on being conscious for long periods of time anyway), Benadryl, and Tylenol. Amoxicillin also makes an appearance towards the end.
    A blog that updates almost daily(thanks so much, you’re a peach) is nice for when I am conscious and feel like being active, and usually since I don’t have much of an appetite I keep some gluten free crackers in my room just in case my stomach thinks it’s hungry along with a 12 pack of bottled water. No TV, not much noise, just let me be trashy and lay around in my panties and a tank top, dragging a fleece blanket and I’m content.
    I get pretty anti-social when I’m sick, but usually once a day I seek out someone to hug/lay against and moan to for a brief minute. If I find no one then I resort to calling or texting and moaning to my poor victim. I break out a favorite stuffed animal to snuggle with(this week it was my fluffy chicken named Duck) because I like something to pet, helps me sleep.
    Gypsy tries to be helpful, but she goes running down the hall like someone just broke out the vacuum when I sneeze or cough so she makes herself scarce until the end of the week.
    A soothing backrub sounds nice, but in my experiences I’m always the one giving them. Receiving one might be nice sometime.

  2. Amanda, I was sick this past week and stayed home from work, too. (Hope you’re feeling better!) I like to stay in my pj’s and lay on the couch in the living room. I bring my pillows and a blanket, as well as plenty of Kleenex, Tylenol, Robitussin (cough/cold is what I usually get), a glass of water, chicken noodle soup, and the remote control. My boyfriend brought me soup and a cool drink this weekend, and it was really nice to have someone there who cared – someone to hug, lean on, and depend on.

    • Aww, what a nice boyfriend! I need to get me one of those when I’m sick sometime.
      I like your move of coming out to the couch with pillows and blankets, when I was younger I used to think that sharing my sickness was half the fun lol.
      Are you feeling better? What sickness did you have? I’m doing wonderful thanks for asking, just an occasional cough here and there.

      • Glad you’re doing better! I just had my usual cough/cold, which normally happens in October … but it seems as though everyone has been affected by bad allergies this year – and earlier than usual!


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