Why We Kiss

The other day I read a fascinating article on why humans kiss.

They're so passionate about protecting their not-yet-conceived child from diseases!

Personally, I love to kiss. It’s such a fun, passionate gesture of connection. A good kisser can make a relationship just as a bad kisser can break it. Kissing’s a big deal in my book.

But kissing doesn’t seem to have much of an evolutionary point, does it? But according to scientists, there is actually a very good reason why we kiss.

Evolutionary, kissing is tied to having healthy babies. So say a man and a woman start to kiss, and one thing leads to another, and the woman gets pregnant. While they were kissing, the man was passing on germs to the woman to which both she and the baby can build up immunities. By the time the baby is born, it’s already immune to typical everyday germs from two different people.

Not very sexy, huh? I’ll try not to think about that the next time I’m making out.

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