My First Photoshoot

Two weeks ago, I was contacted by St. Louis Magazine (a magazine devoted to all things about the patron saint of streets with mispronounced French names, Louis) about my annual Festivus party.

Apparently the magazine was looking to do an article on Festivus, and I have the only Festivus party in St. Louis that Google knows about. So I talked the reporter for a while, and he said I might be hearing from a photographer.

I have to be honest, I had no idea what a photoshoot entailed. I thought a photographer might take a few photos and call it a wrap, or maybe even grab a photo of me offline and Photoshop it a bit.

The photoshoot was today at my condo, and it was much more of a production than I thought. The photographer–who was really nice and helpful despite my nerves–set up two umbrella-like reflectors and took a number of photos of me in two different photos. The most interesting tidbit I learned was that when you do a photoshoot, you’re supposed to make subtle changes to your position and facial expression for every photograph to increase the odds that the photographer will get the perfect shot.

I wore my new Festivus shirt for the 45-minute shoot–it was hot off the presses. I hope it doesn’t ruin my professional credibility. I say that because when I got back to the office, I checked the circulation of St. Louis Magazine.

120,000 subscribers. Wow. 120,000 people are going to see me wearing a Festivus shirt in my condo.

Good for business? Maybe not. Good for the blog? Definitely. We’re going to be seeing some traffic in December, folks. Start thinking of your grievances so you can make this year’s Top 10 list.