My Greatest Fear #15

I did not expect to find a photo of this. And yet here it is.

My Greatest Fear #15: Accidentally putting something on my toothbrush that is not toothpaste. And then trying to brush my teeth with it.

Has this ever happened? No. Not once. Not to me, at least.

But like any American, I have a number of random tubes of gels and ointments in my bathroom. There may come a day when I’m going through my routine and I absentmindedly grab one of the wrong tubes, and suddenly I have Bengay in my mouth and my mouth is going numb and it smells weird and I can’t feel my tongue and did they know when they named it “Bengay” that they were setting themselves up to be the butt of many a high school boy’s jokes and now I can’t feel my throat either and I swallowed my toothbrush and I can’t remember the number for 911 and Biddy is already eyeing me as easy prey.

Hey, it could happen.

Daily Quickie: Many women use Halloween as an excuse to dress in scandalous fantasy outfits, which is awesome, but it’s just one day of year. Shouldn’t other holidays start to use this strategy. I mean, what if Arbor Day organizers could get women to dress as Eve (of Adam and Eve fame)? Heck, men too, for that matter. Imagine how many trees would be planted! The environment would be saved almost immediately.

2 thoughts on “My Greatest Fear #15”

  1. Ooooooh! This actually happened to me about a year ago! I don’t know why I’m excited about that, it wasn’t pleasant, but I’m still excited. Okay so my facial mask tube was next to the Sensodyne toothpaste I used to use and I accidentally grabbed the mask cream instead and got the toothbrush all set up and after about 20 seconds of brushing I realized that it didn’t taste the same. Not to mention it wasn’t foaming quite right. Gross experience, but at least now I don’t get my toothpaste mixed up with anything, nothing else in my cabinet has 3 bands of color coming out of 1 tube.

    Dressing up for more than 1 day would be fun, If more people found it socially acceptable to dress scandalous on Arbor Day I would be fully willing to comply. I’d also be willing to dress scandalous for the Christmas season, and St. Patrick’s Day as well. I have some choice outfits for Valentine’s Day, but they are mostly meant for a significant other and indoors. I’d probably make a really cute bunny for Easter as well. Oh the possibilities!


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