The Way Lady Gaga Intended It

My parents have enjoyed taking dance lessons with each other for several years now. I’ve seen them dance at home a few times, and they look so serious about getting the steps right. It’s not really my style of dancing–I’m not a good dancer, but if I’m in a situation where I need to dance, I just have fun with it. But they enjoy it.

This past weekend at the wedding, I was talking with a few friends when I heard Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face” blast out of the speakers. It wasn’t until the middle of the song that I looked across the room and saw what my parents were doing.

They were ballroom dancing to Poker Face.

One step, two steps, sidestep, sidestep…I don’t know exactly what dance it was, but it was extremely formal. Nothing even remotely connected to Poker Face. May I quote: “I wanna roll with him a hard pair we will be…”

And it was awesome.

They were off in their own world, a world where a slow ballroom dance is fitting for a lewd pop song. It made me smile.

Also, while writing this entry, I listed to an acoustic version of Poker Face. I have to say, I wasn’t a fan of Gaga’s before this (nothing against her–she just seemed like the same pop star as every other pop star), but damn, she can sing. And play the piano. Respect.

15 thoughts on “The Way Lady Gaga Intended It”

  1. That is so cool. I definitely want to learn the tango for my wedding and do it to a classical tango song. Look at “Scent of A Woman”. Lady Gaga can sing, and I’m glad you have respect for her now. :p I’m biased because we’re both Italian. Ciao!

  2. At the wedding I was at, the bride’s parents also did the exact same thing – which is even more shocking given the tone of the wedding. What was hilarious was seeing the bride’s mother lip-sync the words. Obviously the father had no clue what the words were, he was just staring into space. Quite amusing to watch.

  3. she’s a classically trained singer……(but don’t tell. it’ll ruin her street cred.)i think pink is too, for that matter…..

    me, i’m no fan. but at least–as you say–she can sing. and 90% of the singers out there cannot.

  4. As someone who has taken several years of ballroom dancing, I can assure you that it is very common to dance swing, salsa, tango and fox trot (not so much waltz) to modern music. As long as you can follow the beat. Kudos to your parents.
    Plus, I agree – Lady Gaga will probably want to feature your parents in her next music video. Outside the box is her thing, right?

    • Oh no, my friend, they weren’t following any beat. 🙂

      I should have videotaped it and sent it to Gaga. That would be an awesome music video.

  5. GaGa is pretty rad. She’s stepped it up for certain, and brought back costuming to performance. I applaud that. Often times I think she just wanted to bring that back and bring a fresh breath of air to the entertainment industry, so to ensure it all worked out she took that pop star route because it’s all business decision motivated, so it’s easier to take advantage of.


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