Your Last Meal

If you could choose your last meal, what would it be? Also, what are the foods you’d absolutely not want to eat as part of your last meal?

My last meal? Garlic bread. Grilled halibut or steak. Maybe a piece of fried chicken on the side (hey, it’s my last meal–no one’s counting calories). Some leafy greens–I eat baby spinach every day. Fresh fruit. Plenty of water. Chocolate milk. A Bud Select. And something chocolate for dessert–maybe warm chocolate cake with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Things I Never Want to Eat (i.e., The Worst Last Meal Ever): olives, sauerkraut, ricotta cheese, wine (I love the idea of being a wine snob, but wine gives me headaches), cold sandwiches (I like to toast my sandwiches), hearts of palm, grape juice, aspartame

What about you?

Daily Quickie: I was going to write a blog entry about how I was going to wait out the very odd checkered shirt trend, which I don’t expect to last much longer, but then I saw that Express had an online sale, and I bought one. I’m curious to see how this’ll turn out. Also, what’s up with guys tucking shirts into jeans? Is that acceptable now? I think it looks weird.

22 thoughts on “Your Last Meal”

  1. If it’s your last meal and you’re having beer it should be GOOD BEER, Jamey. I know you live in St. Louis, but Anheuser Busch is not great beer 🙂

    I hear you on the olives.

    I would have sushi.

  2. Mmm…sushi. Yeah, I’d start the meal with some salmon sashimi.

    About the beer: I know there’s better beer out there, but Bud Select is the one for me. I mean, I could order some really fancy, rare beer, but why do that when I could have something that’s always been there for me. Bud Select is the one for me.

    Or maybe Ebisu. Or Newcastle.

  3. I think the shirt in jeans though deserves further conversation. Is this a dress shirt in jeans, 3 button shirt, or t-shirt. Does it matter?

  4. Last meal needs to flow together, like (I can’t believe I’m saying this) a symphony. So, I give you a few options:

    1, Surf) Fried Calimary with a light red pepper oil & roasted red peppers. 2-4 Briny oysters (this is a new addition to my pallet) with a side of creamy red curry sauce. Small spring greens salad with crazins, golden raisins, feta and pecans in a champagne vinagarette. A light white fish (a slightly thicker and firmer than Dover Sole or Trout), grilled with southwest seasoning, topped with lemon-butter, on a black bean & corn fritter/pacake, with a side of fire roasted red peppers & potatoes. Warm apple cobler, and a side of Ben & Jerry’s Americone Dream ice cream. Pumpkin spice late to go.

    2, Turf) Cheese garlic Bread with Marinara sauce. Romaine salad with apples, walnuts & gorgonzola in a balsamic dressing. ~12 oz strip steak chragrilled, medium, either with just butter and salt on it and mushrooms on the side, or Mudega style(which already has mushrooms and cheese on top). Sweet potato fries. 2 glasses of Palazo de la torre (Italian Red wine). Chocolate basket (dough pouch, around a warm thick chocolate center) and a side of vanilla ice cream. Cup of warm Earl Grey tea for the long walk home.

    3, Big Bang) 1 rack of dry rub, slow cooked Pork Ribs. Selection of bbq sauces on the side. Texas Toast. Steamed green beans with salt, pepper and bacon (because there should be a vegitable). Sunshine wheat.

    By the way, writing this reminded me of the scene in City Slickers when Billy Crystal is challenging the 2 ice cream guys at dinner.

  5. Since it’s a last meal and I would die after the meal anyway, I’d go big. Forget Celiac Disease for one meal,I would have a peanut butter and honey sandwich made with regular people white bread, the soft kind that bounces back when lightly squeezed. I’d try that Stegmaier beer you talked about and just chug it and maybe go back for another. I would have french fries from Lion’s Choice, along with the horseradish sauce. Keeping with the unhealthy theme, I’d have regular people pasteries too. The kind with thick icing that makes your body scream “it’s too sweet!” but I wouldn’t care, I’d savor every bite of gooey goodness. I’d get some of those Krispy Kreme doughnuts, some chocolate chip cookies, a nice glass of skim milk and die happy.Mmm perfection.

    • All of these last meals sound delicious. Although, I’m not a fan of that white bread. I like a more hearty, healthy bread.

      • Yes, well if your usual choice of bread was dry, hard,twice the thickness of normal bread, and made you feel like you were going to have a heart attack everytime you swallowed it you’d crave white bread too 😛

  6. A blog about food! You’ve got my full attention!

    After careful consideration and time well spent flipping through my mental file folders of wonderful meals, I have to say my last meal would be pho (Vietnamese soup) and these grilled pork chops with crushed rice and all the fixins’ my father likes to make for me.

    It was easier for me to name the best meal of my life, than to name my hypothetical last meal. If I knew that after I ate this meal, my life as I know it would be over, I would definitely want something that would bring me emotional comfort. I associate good meals with good company, conversations and memories. A meal, no matter how skillfully prepared, will never memorable if eaten alone.

  7. I would like a sausage and mushroom pizza from Papa John’s, a plate of pasta con broccoli, and my favorite dessert of all time, which is also my mom’s specialty – Frozen Chocolate Cheesecake. Yum!

  8. Lucy’s Cashew Chicken (or their Sweet and Sour) and a Yorkshire Pudding flown in especially for the occasion from England…Mmmm. All that, with a Dr. Pepper or a Guinness to wash it down.

    The shirt in the jeans thing was weird two years ago but it seems to be making a comeback. I agree its strange. However, skinny ties were ALWAYS cool…man. 🙂

    Its funny how past trends are popping up all of a sudden. The last time I saw a tucked in shirt was with Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor on Home Improvement, and that was in the 90’s! You know what else is weird? These women “Hipsters” that are out there now dressing in clothes also from the 90’s…why is this happening? Why now?

    • I need to get on this skinny tie train. They are indeed pretty awesome.

      Hipsters are a breed that I don’t understand. Can they all communicate with one another with some sort of hive mind so they know what to wear and what not to wear?

  9. Yes, all hipsters do communicate through one ‘said’ hive mind. I believe that to be the mind of Mr. Ben Folds circa 1992. His twin works at the Radio Shack near our house. Someone out there is setting this trend and its gotta be Ben Folds’s Radio Shack Doppelganger. Either that, or he’s operating through him like a Stepford Wife Robot…only cooler.


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