Football According to Bob Costas

Tonight I attended a panel at Wash U about the future of sports. Bob Costas, who spent many years working in St. Louis, was on the panel, and he was the most vocal of the bunch. Costas had some really interesting things to say about football. The first was about why the NFL is–and will … Read more

Brilliant Blogging

For a while now, I’ve been compiling notes on what makes a great blog. That doesn’t mean that my blog is great–far from it. But I write a lot and I read a lot. I’m constantly observing what makes great blogs work well. So if you’re interested in blogging or you already blog, check out … Read more

The 3 Things You’d Change About Your College Experience If You Had a Time Machine

Knowing what you know now about the real world and college and yourself, what are three things you would do differently if you could redo your undergraduate years of college? My three: I would take only the classes that really interested me. I’m glad I went to Wash U. It’s a great school, the quality … Read more

Wingfest 2010

Last weekend, Trevor had people over for Pizzafest 2010–basically, a bunch of people went out during halftime of the Rams game, picked up pizzas from different restaurants, and brought them back to Trev’s place to try. It was a lot of fun, so I decided to host a similar function this week, but with buffalo … Read more

Groupon: The Infinite Buffet

Back in June, I got the barbershop for which I write a monthly newsletter on Groupon (as I wrote about here). The goal was to increase permanent customers by about 20% by getting them in the door on a good deal. A deal for which we were losing money. Did we achieve that goal? We … Read more

How to Sell Stock of Yourself

Say you want to lose 20 pounds by December 31. You need to declare your goal or you’re not going to stick to it. You need positive support from friends. And perhaps you need some naysayers, some people who don’t think you can do it. You’re going to show them. You go to (this … Read more