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Pet Please #33: Odometer Benchmarks

Pet Please #33: Odometer Benchmarks

The other day I happened to glance down at my Camry’s odometer when it flipped to 110,000. I was delighted. It’s like I got to witness some rare, important event, like a comet that only swings by Earth once. And really, these odometer benchmarks are completely arbitrary (unless your warrantee runs out). It’s like New Year’s–flipping the […]

How to Add 29 Minutes to Your Day…Every Day*

How to Add 29 Minutes to Your Day...Every Day*

Do you have 10 seconds today that’ll save you a ton of time right away? Sign up for blog feeds in Google Reader. What is a feed? A feed, or RSS is a way to receive web content whenever that content is updated. It’s like the difference between walking down the street to the newsstand […]