5 Odd Things for Which I’m Thankful

This is what you'd look like if evolution hadn't happened. How would you ever get a date?!

Here are a few odd things that I’m thankful for today:

  1. Rainy days. I actually can’t stand rainy days, but every rainy day comes with a free exterior car wash. That makes me happy.
  2. Evolution. Can you imagine where we’d be without evolution? We’d still be amino acids floating around in primal sludge! Take a minute to look at your body today and realize the level of complexity that makes us able to do all the things that we can. Don’t take for granted the ability to wipe your own butt, because someday you won’t be able to.
  3. Living alone. I love living alone. I can do whatever I want whenever I want. Most of this revolves around the ability to do things naked at any time.
  4. Taxes. That’s right, taxes. Taxes pay for things like libraries and roads and sewers and streetlights and police and education and clean water. 200 years ago, if you wanted a road, you had to build it yourself.
  5. Boxers. I didn’t know boxers were an option until high school. I spent 15 years of my life in tighty whities! Oh, the constriction…. Boxers add such buoyancy to my life.

We’re all thankful for friends, family, life, love, kids, freedom, jobs, pets (Biddy!), those sorts of things. But what odd things are you thankful for today? Things that you might normally take for granted or complain about?

17 thoughts on “5 Odd Things for Which I’m Thankful”

  1. 1. Stegmaier’s blog. There is always something to read, harass him about via comments or email, or a task to perform. The phrase “I’m bored” doesn’t exist anymore.
    2. Clothing that fits just right. The ones that make you feel like they were created just for you. They hug where they are supposed to and are more forgiving in other areas, making you look fantastic and feel wonderful.
    3. Body fat. Living in a home where the thermostat doesn’t move above 70-72 and you prefer around 80, you need just a little something more than 3 blankets and a quilt.
    4. Having options for almost everything. Book categories, movie genres, style of panties, phone plan choices, options are endless. Do I want to wear printed polar bear boyshorts or the pink bikini cut panties today? Do I want to read a trashy romance novel or a gripping novel about zombie infection? Spinach salad or chef? Guy with the huge nose or guy with the huge forehead? Scold the dog or praise the cat? Gotta love options.
    5. Not having to wear makeup to look cute. Maybe more like being confident enough to not have to wear makeup to think I’m cute. Takes forever to put on and then it disappears anyway, not to mention some of the gadgets of application look like ancient devices of torture.

    Happy Thanksgiving Jamey, shouldn’t you be in VA or something?

    • Yes, if you enjoy this blog — a personal visit is very entertaining and special– something to be thankful for. and more thankful things.. for people who enjoy creating experiences with me– whether that is cooking together, throwing a football, or swapping stories. I am all about ‘quality time’.

  2. Let’s do a count down list.

    5. Glasses/Contact lens – Without them, I’m blind as a bat… Well, almost.

    4. Body pillows – I just like to hold on to something when I fall asleep, especially on a bad/cold day.

    3. Stuff animals – They are just so darn cute!

    2. Lotion – It keeps from me looking like Grandma.

    1. Technology – It helps me to find people, places, and things and be a more reliable and efficient individual.

    Happy Turkey Day! 🙂

  3. I was just thinking today how much I have fallen in love with baby wipes since having Ben….I now carry a small one in my purse…..they have so many more uses than just wiping baby butts!!

    My Philosophy skin care regime – because like Amanda I don’t really wear make up and it makes my skin look amazing (not in a conceited way – the stuff is like gold!!)

    Lip Gloss – my one make up obsession – I have about 10 different ones in my purse at any given time and LOVE them all!!

    And….Green Bean Casserole – I only eat it at Thanksgiving and Christmas because it is so sacred to me. If I could only choose one thing to eat for the rest of my life it would be the GBC!! I am always so thankful this time of year has come back around so I can eat it again!!

    Hope you had a good Thanksgiving friend!

    • What’s your skin care regime? Mine is so simple and it works wonders! I’m with you, I do lip balm but that’s strictly for keeping my lips healthy, no coloring at all. Yay for us makeup free girls!

      • It is the Philosophy No Make-Up Required or Make-Up Optional….one of those. I love it!!! It is a little on the pricey side but good skin care is worth the investment! 🙂

        I am obsessed with beauty products (hence the 10 lip glosses in varying shades in my purse) but my all time favorites are still Bonne Bell!! Dr. Pepper or Cherry 7 UP in particular! I have those stashed all over the house!

  4. Haha, oh gosh, I used to use those when I was a little girl because I wasn’t allowed to wear lipstick lol. My lip balm is from this older couple who makes all natural skin/body care products. I love their lip balm, right now my flavor is called warm cookies.
    Maybe I should try your stuff, I’m a cheapo girl haha. I do Neutrogena daily cleansing wash and then I have this foaming lotion from the dermatologist that I put on at night. Know of something to make scars fade by any chance?

    • I know – my cousin’s little girl who is 4 and I buy our Bonne Bell together and split the flavors because she likes the ones I don’t!!! Yes….I just admitted that in a public forum!! 🙂

      My skin is extremely sensitive and Philosophy was one of the only skin care lines that doesn’t do horrible things to my skin. Ask your dermatologist if she has some silicone sheeting that you can have for scars. I had one that wasn’t going away so a friend who works in the Plastic Surgery Dept at Mayo brought me some and they worked wonders!!

      We have completely monopolized Jamey’s post! Sorry J!! 🙂

      • That’s so cute! I bet she enjoys it and it helps you get rid of those other flavors, win for everyone.
        Silicone sheeting? Sounds interesting, I’ll definitely ask her about it, hopefully it will work for me as well as it did for you. Thanks so much for the advice!
        Eh, he’ll be fine with it. He likes to promote people conversing with one another, we can just tell him Biddy gave us the okay and then he won’t even question it 🙂

  5. after thinking about everyone’s answer… I’ll add that the oddest thing that I am grateful for is an Emory board for my finger nails. Obsessive compulsive if my nails have a slight nick…. so I try to have an Emory board in every conceivable space… upstairs, downstairs, in my multiple purses… and as I write I am going to put one in my car. In fact if I notice a nicked nail while sleeping.. I wake myself up and file my nails. Wait ! if I notice a nick nail then I am already awake 🙂 !


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