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For a while now, I’ve been compiling notes on what makes a great blog. That doesn’t mean that my blog is great–far from it. But I write a lot and I read a lot. I’m constantly observing what makes great blogs work well.

So if you’re interested in blogging or you already blog, check out my eBook, “Brilliant Blogging.” It’s a comprehensive guide to starting, sustaining, and growing your blog.

It’s short and free, no signup required whatsoever. You don’t even have to download it. It’s right here for you to view.

4 thoughts on “Brilliant Blogging”

  1. Aww come on, you’re cheating. This can’t count as today’s blog entry. Some people have been checking your blog for like 3 days, waiting for you to post something and you give them Brilliant Blogging. You didn’t even say why you were gone for 3 days, I could have sworn your book said you should inform readers during absences. What are us nosy people of the world supposed to do, harass someone else? 😛

    • Usually, if Jamey doesn’t post, I assume something horrible has happened. He did miss last Friday, but he usually doesn’t post on Sat/Sun.

      Just so you know, Jamey did lose his left foot in a horrible corn harvesting accident on Friday. (Jamey moonlights as a farmer.) All day in the emergency room getting a prosthetic foot = no post.

      (Just kidding about that…I assume Biddy just kept him up late engaging in deep conversation about the world.)

      • Oh how tragic! I should send a get well card and random flowers immediately, too bad my garden is mostly dead.

        That’s so kind of you to inform me of his whereabouts, Trev. What a wonderful friend you are! I will be able to sleep better knowing nothing major happened to him, just the loss of a foot.


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