How to Add 29 Minutes to Your Day…Every Day*

Do you have 10 seconds today that’ll save you a ton of time right away? Sign up for blog feeds in Google Reader.

What is a feed? A feed, or RSS is a way to receive web content whenever that content is updated. It’s like the difference between walking down the street to the newsstand to buy a newspaper versus having the paper delivered to your house.

What is Google Reader? In the above analogy, Google Reader is your doormat–it’s where all the newspapers are delivered. Instead of walking down the street to 10 different newsstands every day, you just go to one place–your doormat–to find all the information you care about waiting for you to read it. Google Reader is free.

Why Google Reader? Because it’s about 10x more efficient than manually going to all your favorite blogs and websites every day (that’s 29 minutes saved every day!). Google Reader lets you scroll through all new content, meaning you waste no time clicking around on various sites and bookmarks for content that may or may not have been updated since you last checked.

How do I get Google Reader? The easiest way is to subscribe to my blog feed by clicking here. What you see will depend upon your browser (I use PCs, but I assume you Mac users will see something spectacular, like a live unicorn prancing out of the screen), but there will be a Google Reader option. Click it and put in your Google (i.e., Gmail) account info. Then you’re done. That’s it.

In the future when you find a blog you like, all you have to do is click the RSS icon (as shown in this post) to subscribe to the feed. Or if you frequent a webpage for which the feed address is a mystery, you can enter that website address ( into Google Reader and it’ll find the feed for you. It’s that easy.

*Unless you already use Google Reader, in which case I’ve actually deducted several precious minutes from your day by asking you to read this blog entry. As alert reader John noted, you may even experience emotion distress in the form of dismay, anger, and grief. If that is the case, I apologize, and I will provide a full refund for your time on a future date when I don’t post a blog entry.