Pet Peeve #12: Cursive Writing

More like "end here with a frown"

Today I was filling out a form at work. I looked down at my handwriting–decent, readable, but not great–and thought, “Why did I have to learn how to write in cursive?”

In the adult world, is anything in cursive? Anything? Very little is handwritten these days, but if it is, it’s certainly not in cursive. The key to writing by hand is simply to write legibly. That’s the only important characteristic: Can someone read this?

I want that time back that I spent in school learning to write in cursive, dutifully tracing those letters one by one. I could have been learning Japanese in elementary school. Or how to type. Or shorthand. Or algebra. (If you can walk, you can calculate compound interest.)

I don’t know if they still teach cursive in schools. If so, I give it another 3-5 years before it disappears from the curriculum altogether. In fact, in the alternate universe on Fringe, people don’t write anything at all, print or cursive.

Do you ever use cursive?