My Favorite Books of 2010

Just like movies in 2010, there are five books that received the coveted 5-Star Stegmaier rating. It’s actually been a really good year for books. There were two huge disappointments (Frederick Reiken’s Day for Night and Suzanne Collins’ Mockingjay), but aside from those two, I loved pretty much all of the 14 books I read. … Read more

Pet Please #39: The Like Button

The greatest innovation of 2010 is the Facebook Like button. Seriously. I think we’re only beginning to understand the potential for the Like button. Facebook had vulnerabilities before incorporating this button into their system (first on status updates and apps, then on everything, even individual comments on photos and status updates). But not now. It’s … Read more

The Travesty of Public Records

A few weeks ago, I received an e-mail from a woman that I’ve called “Maria” on this blog. Something in that e-mail really worried me: Maria told me that she had found my home address online. When I wrote back to her, I asked if she was just kidding. I was hoping she was, but … Read more

The Cat Litter Study

Last week on poker night, I mentioned to the guys that I had signed up for a cat litter study. I’d go to a marketing firm’s testing facility, smell and look at some cat litter, and get paid $40 for half an hour of time. Easy money. One of the guys joked that it would … Read more