A Festivus Miracle

Okay, it’s not quite a miracle, but after a month of waiting, the article about my Festivus party finally made it to St. Louis Magazine. For your viewing and reading pleasure, in high def and 3D:

I feel like it’s not a great photo of me–the angle gives me a bit of the fat face. But that’s okay. It’s not like 120,000 magazine subscribers will see the fat face. Wait…

Also, a “small group”? Festivus somehow always falls on the day with the worst weather, and I still get about 80 people to come to the party. Not too shabby. And no, faithful readers who aren’t real-life friends, you’re not invited to the party. It would be weird if you showed up. You’re the best readers, but I don’t want any of you to become just as good at stalking.