Top Festivus Grievances of 2010: 21-30

30. People who live on the third floor and take the elevator…seriously?

29. People who pay for diet pills with cash and bacon and butter with food stamps.

28. Being so positive that I can’t think of any damn grievances.

27. People who discuss their children’s intimate secrets health details on Facebook. I don’t need to know that your son strains when he pees!

This guy's special ability is that he thinks about things? I call foul.

26. Nougat! So much fluff, so little flavor.

25. Memo to the dude who names volcanoes in Iceland: If you use every letter in the alphabet, you’re doing it wrong.

24. That “corps” isn’t pronounced “corpse.”

23. Pimentos—The universal mystery. What are these things and where do they come from?

22. Jersey Shore. I didn’t think it was possible to stoop lower than “The Hills,” but congratulations, Jersey Shore, you’ve done it!

21. The Mentalist—I’ve never seen your show, but I don’t like you. On a personal level.

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