My Greatest Fear #18: The Sky Is Falling

When I bought my Camry four years ago, I was delighted to find that it had a moonroof. “Perfect,” I thought. “Now I can drive through the country on summer nights with friends, admiring the star-filled sky through my moonroof.” That’s the dream, right? However, very rarely have I actually used the moonroof, much less … Read more

The Great Wedding Gift Debate Survey Results

Apparently you all are awesome, because 108 people took my wedding gift survey. This means that for the first time in the history of mankind, we have conclusive data about when you should buy people wedding gifts (answer: pretty much always if you’re attending the wedding) and how you should determine how much to spend. … Read more

The Keys to My Heart Mad Libs

There are certain things a woman can do to wedge her way into my heart. Sometimes a woman doesn’t even know she’s doing it–like today, I read an interview with a famous young author, and just reading what she had to say (coupled with her cute headshot) made me want to make her breakfast. Or … Read more

How to Make $10,501 Off a Single iPad

I have to say, I’m smitten with (and similar site I haven’t even placed a bid there yet, and yet I’m entranced by the homepage, the concept, the copy, everything. And I’m a little jealous I didn’t think of it. BigDeal is an auction site along the same lines of the controversial … Read more

Public Displays of Affection

The way people choose to express their affection for each other in public is fascinating to me. It’s completely different than physical affection in private, because with PDA, you’re walking a fine line between social norms and personal intimacy. I’ve seen all kinds of PDA. I’ve seen a woman in Paris pin her man against … Read more

Leadership Tactic #42: Whiteyboard

For a while now, I’ve been trying to turn my bedroom wall into a whiteboard. My original motivation for doing this was to help map out short stories. My short-story writing process usually involves brainstorming on a piece of paper for a while before writing the story. While pencil and paper are good for this … Read more

Angel Baked Cookies…and a Cookie Contest

There is a nonprofit in St. Louis called Angel Baked Cookies that you need to know about.┬áHere’s how it works: Angel Baked Cookies is a nonprofit business in North St. Louis that makes and sells delicious cookies. It is staffed by a team of teenagers (after school) paid hourly and trained in business skills like … Read more

The Lost Dreams of Childhood

Today I read a fantastic article passed on to me by my friend Rachel. The article talks about much more than I can summarize here–I highly recommend you read it. Here’s one of the points that really stood out to me: Maybe you never really wanted to be a cardiac surgeon in the first place. … Read more