Exit Through the Gift Shop

Banksy's work in England

Today I want to talk about a movie that you probably haven’t heard of, a documentary called Exit Through the Gift Shop. A movie that you need to see.

The movie consists of a decent amount of footage from a French guy named Tierry who decides to document the secret subculture of street artists (think graffiti, but in painting form instead of giant signatures). He descends deeper and deeper into this culture until he decides to join it himself.

Exit is both horrifying and fascinating. It’s horrifying because it’s about people who deface public property. It’s tough for me to watch people do that. But it’s fascinating because I came into this movie knowing absolutely nothing about this subculture.

Plus, some of the art is beautiful and provocative. You can do things with street art that you can’t do on canvas, as you can see on the example here.

By far the most talented of these artists is a guy named Banksy. When the movie started showing his work, I was absolutely riveted. Plus, Banksy, the most famous of the street artists, is an enigma. His face and voice remain shrouded in mystery throughout the movie. I wonder how long this guy has kept up the mystery. His story reminds me a bit of the lifelong magic trick pulled by Christian Bale in The Prestige.

I highly, highly recommend this movie. It’s escapism at its most informative.

Daily Quickie: The Fighter is also a fantastic film–I just saw it last night. The aforementioned Christian Bale is amazing in it, as is the rest of the cast (included my loveflower Amy Adams). The boxing is great, especially the last fight, and it includes a hilarious line said by Mark Wahlberg in reference to a much larger, toned boxer he was about to fight. Wahlberg’s character had been told that the other boxer hadn’t been working out at all (his promoter said the boxer had just “rolled off the couch”). Upon seeing him, Wahlberg says, “If he just rolled off the couch, I gotta get that couch.”