Is It Cheating If Your Mind Wanders?

I recently had a discussion with a few friends about the places your mind is allowed to go during sexual acts with a significant other. Is it cheating–or wrong in some way–for you to think about someone else?

Before you jump to your answer, I ask you this: Have you ever thought about someone else during a sexual act with a significant other? I would wager that most people have, but just in case, I’m posting a poll below.

Here’s my take on the cheating question. I think that even if you’re lucky enough to find the love of your life, you are going to be turned on by other people. Maybe they’re people you meet in real life, or maybe they’re celebrities and movies stars. You will hormonally desire other people.

But you’re committed to your significant other. So instead of seeking adulterous relationships, why not just let those people slip into your thoughts every now and then when you’re with your significant other? It will enhance the sexual experience for the two of you, and as long as your thoughts aren’t dominated by your fantasy person, you’re not betraying the one you love.

But that’s just me. What do you think? Cheating or not cheating?