Public Displays of Affection

The way people choose to express their affection for each other in public is fascinating to me. It’s completely different than physical affection in private, because with PDA, you’re walking a fine line between social norms and personal intimacy.

I’ve seen all kinds of PDA. I’ve seen a woman in Paris pin her man against a streetpost  and kiss him like it was her job (looking back, it may, in fact, have been her job). I’ve seen elderly couples gingerly hold hands. I’ve seen a young couple on a wedding bus sit on each others’ laps even though there were seats available. And I’ve seen men at Cardinals games steering their girlfriends around the stadium by a hand firmly lodged in the back pocket of her jeans.

I’ve experienced all types of PDA myself. It varies depending on my age and the girl; I’ve gone from holding hands in middle school (back when holding hands was a big deal) to getting handsy standing outside the door of my car in the parking lot of an outdoor museum in St. Louis following a date.

I’m somewhat flexible on PDA, but I’d say I’m generally comfortable with hand holding, quick kisses, and subtle hands on thighs, waist, legs. What about you?