The Keys to My Heart Mad Libs

There are certain things a woman can do to wedge her way into my heart. Sometimes a woman doesn’t even know she’s doing it–like today, I read an interview with a famous young author, and just reading what she had to say (coupled with her cute headshot) made me want to make her breakfast. Or maybe I hear a woman laugh from across the room, and I just have to see the lips that formed that laughter.

These things are different for everyone, so what I’ve done here is created a Mad Lib of sorts for you. I’ve posted what I consider the keys to my heart. If you’d like, copy and paste this entry in the comments section and write your own words in place of the underlined words (there are a few at the end that didn’t work for this format, so they’re free for alls). Feel free to be funny instead of serious.

The keys to my heart are when you:

  • Bring me Slurpees, dessert, or takeout
  • Read in bed with me (bonus points if you read my writing)
  • Play strategy games with me
  • Be a great kisser
  • Ignite conversation between us by sharing things with me that you think, observe, or read
  • Go out of your way to run errands for me
  • Ask me questions
  • Hold doors open for old ladies
  • Brainstorm crazy ideas with me

Note: Anyone can do these things for me and I won’t assume you’re trying to wedge your way into my old man heart. Especially the Slurpees.

6 thoughts on “The Keys to My Heart Mad Libs”

    • I love plain Coke slurpees. Ever now and then I mix in cherry, thinking it’ll taste like a cherry Coke slurpee, but it doesn’t at all. In a bad way.

  1. Bring me magazines, French fries, or yourself when I’m not expecting you (like a surprise lunch date)
    Sleep in bed with me (bonus points if you make the bed in the morning)
    Play Trivial Pursuit with me
    Be a great witty conversationalist
    Ignite laughter between us by quoting movies/TV I think are hilarious
    Go out of your way to figure out how to make a perfect steak
    Compliment my hair
    Hold doors open for old ladies (I’m not changing this one bit)
    Suggest an impromptu road trip–and we actually take it.

  2. * Bring me ice cream, scones, or chocolate-covered raisins
    * Relax in bed with me
    * Play four square with me (and 2 other friends)
    * Be a great challenger
    * Ignite continuous intrigue between us by expressing your creativity in your work life and your home life
    * Go out of your way to surprise me
    * Ask me questions and listen to me (and except me to do the same)
    * Be your own person with your own life…and let me be my own person.
    * Dance with me

    • Four square! Love it. Although I prefer to have five or more people so that you don’t re-enter the game as soon as you lose.

      I also like “be your own person with your own life…and let me be my own person.” I really like that. Knowing you, I can see how some guys stumble with that concept–they see a fun loving, fairly quirky girl with a lot of passions, and sometimes they might to adapt those passions as their own. I think a small amount of that is okay, but for the most part when I see someone adapting all of someone else’s passions in a romantic relationship, I wonder who that person was before they met the passionate person. Were they really so void of passion that they needed someone else to fill that void in them?


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