What Happened Here?

I came back from a New Year’s party to find this in my parking lot (I waited until daylight to take the photo):

I’m somewhat amused, but mostly horrified and curious about this. First, whatever happened, I hope no one got hurt. Second, what happened?!

My best guess is that this person hit something on the way home, but they kept on driving until they got to their parking space, at which point the bumper simply fell off the car. But look at the bumper–that box in the upper right hand corner is the headlight. It’s as if the bumper was actually ripped off the car. Seems like the work of aliens or Gremlins to me.

Any guesses? The car hasn’t returned. Also, should I take the Lexus logo and replace the Toyota logo on my car with it?

7 thoughts on “What Happened Here?”

  1. Haha, it was me I did it. The owner refused to properly satisfy me that night and I got frustrated and took it out on his car.
    Nah, keep your Toyota logo. You’ll be seen as ultra snobby if you drive a Lexus, you’re only mildly snobby, let’s keep it that way.

  2. And here I was thinking it was daylight when you got back from the party. If the bumper is still there tonight, take the Lexus logo. It will be more ironic than snobby to have it on your toyota. Also, the car was probably towed to a repair center, hence not being back yet.

  3. Yeah. The cute little Gremlin’s evil clones got it. Gizmo was partying at the bar I was at. I thought it would be alright to have some champagne after midnight. It was so cute and fluffy. It was looking at me with its big puppy eyes that I had to give him some of my bubblies. It then disappeared behind the bar and I heard some screams then the door to the patio was opened. I don’t remember much of the night. I think it ended with screeching car breaks and a big crash.

    Jamey, you should take the logo and wear it. You would look so fly. (I think that means cool.)

    • I second the thought that you should wear the logo. Perhaps you could create a necklace and wear the logo. We could start calling you “Lex”.

  4. At first I thought that was some sort of sculptured grounded black-winged bird or raven left over from Laumeier Sculpture Park, or perhaps an abandoned park bench. Wow. But after a given amount of time which I can only assume has passed already, you probably do have the salvage rights to claim whatever shiny bling is reflected in the sunlight on that bumper. I say make it into an attractive chromed necklace and use it as well as a black afro, as part of a costumed alter ego, Lex Toyota, perhaps due to debut on Halloween 2011. Don’t forget to bring the glass of milk and a decent pick-up line.

  5. I solved the mystery! The owner of the car (a friend of mine) was in an accident pulling out of the parking lot. Because of the holiday weekend he couldn’t get the car repaired until the first so it sat in the spot over the weekend and then went to be repaired. I’ve sent him the link to the blog in the hopes that he will post the full details!


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