8 Ideas for Movie Theaters of the Future

In the spirit of the Academy Awards, as well as an article in EW Magazine (not to be confused with Nickelodeon’s Eww Magazine), I have some ideas I’d like to suggest for movie theaters of the future. Some of these can be combined, while others won’t work with one another. Assigned seats. When you go … Read more


A coworker and I were talking last week about Fridays. She said that her favorite thing to do on a Friday after work was go out for happy hour. I was a little surprised, because I’m the exact opposite. On Friday after work, the last thing I want to do is go out. I want … Read more

Pet Peeve #4: Plastic Utensils

I’m not hard to please. (Note: Anyone who says that, including me, is actually quite hard to please.) All I ask is for a decent set of metal utensils with every meal. OrĀ porcelainĀ chopsticks. Am I asking for too much? I don’t want plastic forks breaking in my mouth. As much as I love the spork … Read more

My Dear Watson

42 years ago, man walked on the moon. People watched, awestruck, one of our own tread softly over truly foreign soil for the first time. On Monday, for the first time ever, people watched something that doesn’t quite seem possible, and yet it is: A computer participated on Jeopardy. I have to say: When I … Read more

Valentine’s Day: Twilight Special

For having lived together for just over a month, my roommate and I have talked about Twilight surprisingly often. Even more surprising is that I’ve never read the Twilight books, nor do I plan to. But they make excellent conversation fodder. Jess (roommate) revealed to me that after making fun of Twilight for a while, … Read more

Pet Peeve #18: ROFL

Has anyone ever texted or e-mailed the word “ROFL” to you? ROFL = Rolling on the floor laughing Yeah. About that. First, if you’re going to include “on” in the acronym, “the” belongs too. That makes it ROTFL. Second, let’s be honest: You’re not rolling on the floor laughing. You’re probably not even laughing out … Read more