Pet Peeve #18: ROFL

Has anyone ever texted or e-mailed the word “ROFL” to you?

ROFL = Rolling on the floor laughing

Yeah. About that.

First, if you’re going to include “on” in the acronym, “the” belongs too. That makes it ROTFL.

Second, let’s be honest: You’re not rolling on the floor laughing. You’re probably not even laughing out loud. More than likely, you chuckled a little bit.

To my knowledge, no one in the history of mankind has rolled on the floor laughing from a text or e-mail. In person, possibly. Quite likely, in fact, if tickles are involved. But from reading something? I don’t think so.

I’m careful about my LOLs. If I type that acronym, I mean that I audibly laughed. It doesn’t mean that I laughed so hard that I scared the neighbors (that’s an LSHISTN). But I made a sound.

The next time you type ROFL, think twice before you hit send. The world will be a better place if you don’t.

15 thoughts on “Pet Peeve #18: ROFL”

  1. ROMBL.

    That stands for rolling on my bed laughing. Which I did. Not a full 360 degree rotation, but enough to permit the use of the acronym.

  2. I hate woot. I’m not sure what this sounds like in real life but I’m pretty sure if I heard it I’d still hate it. I believe that 95% of ppl that type this don’t ever say this outloud.

  3. This is your best pet peeve yet. I hope this post will get read by many and that we will see a real change in the world.

    I, too, take LOL seriously. I only say LOL if I did, in fact, LOL. But society has so weakened the term LOL that I often feel the need to tell people that I “literally LOL” which is should be unnecessary, but I have to assume that people will think I’m lying when I say LOL just like everyone else is. I would really like to see this change because I literally hate using the term literally more than is literally necessary.

    And you are exactly right, ROFL is not even a thing unless you are <6 years old and you are being tickled.

    • Thanks Bryce. And I’m glad that you take LOL seriously. It’s sad that a “literal LOL” is necessary, but I’ve definitely done that. At least that way the person knows you’re truly laughing.


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