Pet Peeve #5: Shared Facebook Profile Photos

Disclaimer: There are readers of this blog that I know for sure have Facebook profile photos with more than one person in the photo. I’m not targeting any of you, but I fully expect you to defend yourselves in the comments. This is tongue in cheek, so I hope it doesn’t come across as too harsh.

Now this I'm okay with.

I have a message for all you delightful couples out there: You and your mate are two people. You may share your life, but you are still two people. So why in the world are you both in the profile photo for your Facebook page?

And you, person who has friends who insisted on squeezing into your photos: Save those photos for anywhere but your profile photo. Your profile photo is for people to identify you, not your friends. I’ve seen profiles on in which every photo has more than one interchangeable blonde in every photo, and I literally don’t know which person is the one on Match.

But it’s the couples that I really don’t get. Even though you are in love or dating or married, you are still separate people. Your husband doesn’t share your high school friends or your love of Lady Ga-Ga or Grey’s Anatomy. And you don’t share your husband’s bass fishing hobby or birthday or job. Let him have his own profile–and with it, his own photo–and you can have your own too.

This is something that I really, truly do not understand. I mean, your name is right there at the top of your profile: John Peterson. That’s your name. But right below it you have a photo with two people in it. You, John Peterson, are not two people. If you think you are, that’s a whole separate issue.

I’ll be honest: I’ve seen this a lot more on female profiles. Women, can you explain? Is this a possessive thing? Do you consider your profile photo the same as a family photo? Because it’s not. It’s just not. I’m sure your boyfriend/husband is wonderful, and he’s a huge part of your life, but you are still you and he is still he. When you update your status on Facebook or Like something, it’s you, it’s not him. But you know what everyone else sees? They see your face and his face Liking the same link.

Writing this has riled me up more than I thought it would. I need to take it down a notch. I’ll have Biddy fetch me some herbal tea.