Pet Please #45: Things That Pay for Themselves

When I was growing up, a popular thing for kids to have during the summer was a season pass to Busch Gardens or Kings Dominion. Of course, I was afraid of roller coasters until the ripe old age of 17, so I never had one of those season passes. But other kids had them.

Whenever someone would tell me about their season pass, they’d say, “Yeah, I got it for $75. It’ll pay for itself in three visits.”

Such a wonderful concept that is! A thing…that you buy…that actually pays for itself. Oh, the joy of that fourth trip to Busch Gardens. Because it’s now free! The season pass has paid for itself, and admission is now free for all eternity. Or at least until the season ends.

What do you have that has paid for itself? Other examples are special cooking instruments that let you cook things that you’d normally only buy in restaurants and entertainment devices that you buy instead of lease.

My personal best example is a TiVo I bought back in ’05. I ponied up for the “lifetime subscription,” which, given advances in HD technology doesn’t really make sense. But by golly (wow, I have never said that before) if I haven’t stuck with that same TiVo the entire time. It paid for itself long, long ago, and now it’s free. That’s right. My TiVo is free, every day.

Last, I want to point out that today, March 1, marks the anniversary of Twins Day at my previous job. It’s a story of amazing coincidences that you should read here so you understand the photo on today’s blog.