Biddy’s Birthday

For all you newcomers to the blog, it probably seems like this blog is exclusively about pets. I swear it’s about other things too! But today, March 9, happens to be Biddy’s 4th birthday, so I thought I’d honor him with a list of my top 7 quirks about him.

  1. Biddy greets me at the door every day when I return home.
  2. Biddy determines his interest in my human food by walking by the coffee table and ever so casually dipping his tail into my meal.
  3. When I’m writing on the computer in my bedroom, Biddy rests his head on my pillow (as if he knows what pillows are for) and naps.
  4. Biddy plays a game called “Goalie” in which I bowl his toys down the hall and prevents them from passing him with his paw.
  5. Biddy likes to go outside on the balcony. But he loves when someone joins him out there.
  6. You will never see a creature more excited about its bodily functions than Biddy after he poops. He’ll run up and down the hall, declaring his fecal success to the world.
  7. At the end of every night, Biddy lays on my chest for about ten minutes before departing for the foot of the bed (you can see that here).

If you think these quirks are adorable, feel free to cast your vote for Biddy on Day 1 of the Tournament of Cuteness. Day 2 is here, and there are 7 animals and humans competing today. All of these polls will stay open until Round 1 ends on Sunday.







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7 thoughts on “Biddy’s Birthday”

  1. Happy Birthday Biddy. Don’t understand how you could be losing in the competition. But maybe you have the self confidence that it does not matter. Just hold your head and tail high and enjoy being you.

    • Ha ha…thanks, Mom. Biddy cares more about treats than the votes anyway. He’s just happy to be getting the attention.


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