Dog vs. Dog

Llewyln: When Llewelyn was just five months old, he found a little space in the fence big enough to crawl through and got out of the backyard. Unfortunately, he was hit by a car when he was running across the street. After a few surgeries and a lot of rehab, he is now 3-1/2 years old and just fine! He can run and play as well as if the accident never happened. But he doesn’t bend his leg very well, and sometimes when he sleeps he flops over on his back (which we affectionately refer to as “the dead roach” pose) and inevitably, one leg (his back left one) sticks straight up in the air like he’s just kicked a soccer ball. When he’s lying down, the same leg sticks out, and it looks like he’s jumping hurdles in his sleep.

Mario: Mario loves the snow and loves to eat snow. Mario will snow plow his face across the ground to get a mouthful of snow and when he raises his head he’ll have a little mound of snow right on his snout. Hilarious since it stands out so much from his fur.



3 thoughts on “Dog vs. Dog”

  1. I need to give Denise a shout out for saving this blog entry before I went to bed. The original poll I posted had Thumper instead of Mario–sorry, Mario! Denise pointed it out to me before any damage had been done.

  2. Mario is a rescue dog that Ive had since May 2010. He was very sweet but also very shy at first and would also sneeze uncontrollably at times. After several doctor visits they put a scope up his nose and found a 4 inch stick about the width of a pencil. We know Mario was abused from the scars on his face and front legs but since he was found in an abandoned house in north city I dont know much about his history but the vet thinks he is 6-7 yrs old. He always has one ear up and one down and this was a lucky shot because he is very camera shy. Anytime you have a camera or cell phone in hand he tries to walk away. Really anytime you have something in hand he gets nervous; probably due to being hit. He is obviously part lab from his appearance and due to the fact that you cant keep him out of the downtown fountains, puddles, kiddie pools, or park lakes.


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