Mine Is Cuter Than Yours

Pet owners and parents have one thing in common: We all think that our pet or baby is cuter than yours.

Not only that, but this is one area of life where we internally compare babies to pets. A proud owner of a new puppy may see an adorable baby and think, “Wow, that baby is cute! But Mister Hopscotch is even cuter.”

I must admit that I do this even with matters of intelligence and development. Here’s a close replication of a conversation with a coworker the other day. My coworker’s baby girl is 13 months old.

Me: Is she starting to talk yet?

Coworker: She’ll repeat words she hears, but that’s about it so far.

Me (secretly thinking “My Biddy is way ahead of her”): My Biddy is way ahead of her.

So here’s what I want to do: I want to have a March-Madness tournament of pets and babies. If the numbers align, it’ll be pets vs. babies, which would be awesome. I’ll post the single-elimination matchups throughout March, and winners will be determined by your votes on the blog.

To sweeten the deal, the winner of the tournament will receive a copy of my publishing company’s first book, The Samaritan, as well as an Angel Baked Cookies jumbo cookie gift bag.

The contest is open to everyone, but each person may only submit one photo. You must enter your own pet (so if your friend has the cutest dog in the world, get your friend to enter), your own baby, or yourself as a baby. That’s right. You can submit your own baby picture if you think you are cuter than your cutest child and/or pet.

Submissions are due this Sunday, March 6 at noon CST. Send them to jamey.stegmaier@gmail.com. Let the games begin!

16 thoughts on “Mine Is Cuter Than Yours”

    • Bring it, Harley. Bring it. I have a whole arsenal of cat photos from which to choose. Your human babies don’t stand a chance.

  1. Oh this is hard. I think you’ll understand what I mean when I say that a photo cannot possibly capture the cuteness that is my two cats. You can’t really see their cuteness unless you see them in action. I will try though. What if my cats don’t like one another so I don’t really have any of them in the same photo? May I submit one of each pet? Or pick my cutest pet (which is a mean thing to do to a parent)?

    • Oh, I do understand, I really do. You may submit one photo to the contest. As tough as it is, you’re going to have to choose the cuter of the two cats.

    • Good question. I’ll say no, you don’t have to currently own the pet (or child?!), but it has to once have been YOUR pet or child. Or a baby picture of yourself.

      • So, a younger baby picture of Charlotte (as opposed to current preschool-age Charlotte) would be ok?

        It’s too bad this is based off cuteness alone, because I’ve got some stories about that girl that would put her on the top of the pile, no doubt. She saved someone’s life a few weeks ago! When was the last time Biddy did that? 😛

        • Yep, a picture from any age is fine!

          That’s awesome that Charlotte saved someone’s life! How did that happen?

          I’ve seen Biddy get all alert and protective (like during the tornado a few days ago), but he hasn’t had any opportunities to actually save lives…yet.

          • She was over at her aunt’s house the other day, recuperating from her own trip to the ER around midnight from some asthma problems. While her aunt was downstairs doing laundry, her younger cousin wrapped a cord from the blinds around his neck and quickly started to lose conciousness. She was too little to get him untangled, but ran and screamed for her aunt to come help right away. Charlotte took her aunt to her cousin and her aunt got him unwound before it was too late. That’s a pretty big deal for a 3-year old! His sister, whose almost 5, just played next to him without a care in the world while the whole thing happened. I guess it’s a good thing she was there that day! I think her school is going to do something to honor her, but she’s just happy because I told her I’d take her to Chuck E. Cheese. 🙂

            So, what if I already have a copy of “The Samaritan” (that’s keeping me up late at night because I can’t stop reading it)? I guess I have the Kindle version though (yep, broke down and bought one), so a physical copy of the book would be nice to have too!

            • That is an AMAZING story, Katie. Charlotte is so perceptive to notice that something was wrong, and so brave to act on it. Especially for a 3-year-old. That’s really awesome.

              I’m quite glad you’re enjoying The Samaritan. If Charlotte wins the contest, you can have a hardcopy of the book or a copy of the other book we’ll release in 2011, Dancing with Gravity (which is by a different author and is very different). Or you can have a way advance copy of Fred’s next book, which will be written at some point. 🙂

      • The pageant circuit can be very tough, especially with a ‘must win’ parent pushing for first. Are you and Biddy going to get matching track suits to work out in? Biddy is going to have to lay off the treats and spend a little time on the kitty treadmill if he wants to take the swimsuit competition.


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