Pet Peeve #2: Coordinated Dances at Weddings

Wow. This really looks like fun. There's nothing more fun than trying to do the exact same thing everyone else is doing.

I’m terrible at dancing at clubs without a date, but when I have a date–particularly at weddings–I actually enjoy dancing. I’m not a good dancer, but I like to get out there and have fun.

I was at a wedding a few years ago when a song I had never heard before started playing. It had a great beat, so I grabbed my date and headed to the dance floor.

Before I made it out there, though, everyone on the dance floor had lined up and were moving in sync with one another. Instead of loosening up and having fun as they did during the previous song, they were rigid, focused, intent on getting the moves right.

I was crestfallen. Not knowing the moves myself–and not wanting to become one of the automatons on the dance floor–I headed for the bar for another Dirty Shirley Temple.

The song, the “Cupid Shuffle,” is like many other songs commonly played at weddings that require you to know the steps. If you don’t, you can’t dance along to those songs, which sucks. And that’s the problem to me. I understand that some people genuinely enjoy learning and demonstrating the moves to the Electric Slide or the Superman song. But in selecting those songs, you are undoubtedly excluding people who don’t know the steps. That’s not cool.

So at my wedding (should it ever happen) and any event I organize, there will be no coordinated dances unless I hear a valid argument in the comments below.

Extra: One other song I loathe at weddings is “Livin’ on a Prayer.” I agree that the song is catch and a ton of fun to sing to at the top of your lungs. BUT it’s a terrible dance song. It is. Listen to it and try to dance to it without singing along. It has no discernible beat to dance to.