Pet Please #46: Broken Parking Meters

You’re late for happy hour. You know your friends are waiting. You see a parking spot not far from the bar. You parallel park like a pro. You reach for some coins for the parking meter…

…and it’s empty.

Great, just great. You could be sipping a fuzzy navel right now, but instead, you have to embarrass yourself by walking into the nearest restaurant and asking the bartender for change. Or you can risk getting a ticket, but you’ve seen the meter maid around here. She has a mustache that would rival Tom Selleck. You’re not taking any chances with her.

So you check the meter, just in case you have some time left. And that’s when you see it.

The meter is out of order.

It looks like someone tried to cram a Canadian coin into it, and now it’s broken. Your money is no good here. The spot is free.

Drinks are on you.

Tournament of Cuteness: We have three matchups today, so make sure to vote on all of them! If the photo is too small for you to make an informed decision, just click on it to enlarge it. And if you wish you had submitted to the tournament, send your photo to

Despite the random selection, today we have cat vs. cat, dog vs. dog, and human vs. human. Each of the winners will face the other two for an exciting cat vs. dog vs. human matchup to determine the semifinalist!




15 thoughts on “Pet Please #46: Broken Parking Meters”

  1. Ben is up against Aiden??? I follow Penelope’s blog as well and he is going to be a little heartbreaker! Good luck Aiden! I enlisted my facebook friends so hopefully they will vote!! 🙂 I -eh,hem – I mean Ben wants those cookies!!

  2. Wow! Another tough day of cuteness competition. I must say though–I don’t think Teddy is getting a fair chance. Unless I click on the picture, Teddy just looks like part of a fur coat.

    Also, Ben looks like an awesome dude! He reminds me of a washed up lounge singer after a night of boozing away his troubles. I’m expecting him to pull up a bar stool next to me and tell me, “Listen, Sonny, you don’t know what hard times are.”

    • Trev–Yeah, people are going to have to click on Teddy’s thumbnail to see him. I personally think it’s adorable when cats stretch out and reveal their stomachs.

      I can totally see Ben saying that! He looks like he just came home after a long week at work.

      • I imagine that he has a raspy smoker’s voice, which he can pull together into a thing of deep, slow beauty for “one more sad song” before he tells you about when he lost his legs in ‘Nam.

        (Hopefully this child actually has legs. I couldn’t see any in the picture, but I assume they’re there.)

        • Amy, for Ben’s next photoshoot, can he wear a similar outfit but be sitting at a piano with a half-smoked cigar in his hand? Please?

          • Funny story that’s a little off topic, but since we’re talking about kids and folks that lost their legs in a war…

            When Charlotte was about two years old, she saw a gentleman that, unfortunately, had lost both of his legs from the knee down in WWII. Being the curious child that she is, she went up to talk to him in his wheelchair, looked at him for a moment and asked him in the most sweetly innocent voice, “Where are your shoes?”

            I just about died. I think he was used to little kids asking questions about it though, because he just laughed and said, “I’m not sure. I guess their somewhere in Germany still!”


            • I think kids and their curiosity and bluntness make them soooo cute. This can’t be captured in a picture but can be planted in our hearts to stay.

              • What about cats and their curiosity?! And why do I always want to spell “curiosity” as if I’m British (curiousity)?

              • I like cats curiosity but kids adds words to their curiosity. yea yea, I know you think cats can talk ‘cat talk’ .. it is just they are not bilingual.

            • To add to your story writing, much to my dismay somewhere along the line he picked up his new favorite phrase “Damn it”. We are still working on how saying that is “not nice”. I will send an email to J with a pic of Ben from the Superbowl that his dad took – I am sure you will enjoy it! 🙂


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