Pet Please #46: Broken Parking Meters

You’re late for happy hour. You know your friends are waiting. You see a parking spot not far from the bar. You parallel park like a pro. You reach for some coins for the parking meter…

…and it’s empty.

Great, just great. You could be sipping a fuzzy navel right now, but instead, you have to embarrass yourself by walking into the nearest restaurant and asking the bartender for change. Or you can risk getting a ticket, but you’ve seen the meter maid around here. She has a mustache that would rival Tom Selleck. You’re not taking any chances with her.

So you check the meter, just in case you have some time left.Β And that’s when you see it.

The meter is out of order.

It looks like someone tried to cram a Canadian coin into it, and now it’s broken. Your money is no good here. The spot is free.

Drinks are on you.

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