Pet Please #48: Eyelashes

This pet please is in the same vein as #13: Finding Your Chapstick, in that it’s a bad situation that turns out fine.

I don’t know if this happens to other people, but my eyelashes fall into my eyes all the time. I don’t wear contacts, so the eyelashes land directly on my eye. I generally deal with this issue in one of three ways:

  1. Strip naked and run around screaming.
  2. Check to see if the eyelash isn’t all the way in my eye so I can easily extract it.
  3. Flush out my eye with water (I know, you’re supposed to use special fluid, but if you don’t wear contacts, you don’t own that fluid)

The point is, it can be a really annoying situation to dig through your eye to find the guilty eyelash. It just feels wrong to touch your eyeball with your finger. Thus I’m always pleasantly surprised when you can look in the mirror, spot the eyelash right away, and remove it with ease. I always feel like I’ve gotten away with something when that happens.

7 thoughts on “Pet Please #48: Eyelashes”

  1. There has been a plethora of Jamey running around naked lately. Not that I’m complaining, just commenting.

    I like how you turned a pet peeve (eye lashes in your eye) into a pet please – what a positive way to view the problem. I also totally agree with you on this area of concern. I wear glasses, so my eye lashes have a tendency to fall off my eye lids, get caught on my glasses and then jump into my eyes. It’s like having a fancy diving board at a private swimming pool – all of a sudden everyone wants to get in the water rather than just falling on the floor like they are supposed to. The worst part about finding an eye lash in your eye is that it is wet and therefore cannot be used to make a wish. I solve both these problems by gently pulling on my eyelashes every morning. This serves to remove any loose culprits before they can cause any mischief and getting to start my day with a few wishes.


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