Pet Please #47: Finishing a Bottle of Chocolate Syrup

When I was a kid, chocolate milk was a treat. I’d come home from school, get some pretzels out of the cupboard, and sit down with a glass of cold, delicious chocolate milk. Or Ovaltine. We went through an Ovaltine phase.

Now, as a mature, full-size, adult man, I have a big glass of chocolate milk with dinner. I’ve become quite partial to the malt-flavored Hershey’s syrup. It’s like a little sip of the ’50s, every day.

I greatly enjoy these glasses of milk. But by far my favorite is when there isn’t enough syrup to squeeze out of the bottle. Perhaps you’ve encountered this. The only way to get that syrup out–there’s actually quite a bit left–is to pour milk into the bottle and give it a thorough shake.

The result is the most delicious glass of chocolate milk. It only happens once a month when the syrup runs out, so it’s a rarity, but it’s totally worth waiting for.

You’re adding “chocolate syrup” to your grocery list now, aren’t you?

On to today’s polls. Today we have our first cat-dog-human matchup of this round. Keep an eye on the comments for some more hilarious background information about Ben from Trevor (Trevor does not know Ben in real life).




You can find yesterday’s poll (which is open until March 20) here.

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  1. Elissa says:

    You go through a bottle of chocolate syrup per month? That’s staggering.

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