Round 2 Begins!

12 contestants. 16 grueling days of cuteness. 1 champion. 1 prize package.

Round 2 begins! Preview the bracket below to see the winners and their scores.

The winners so far: 2 cats, 4 humans, and 6 dogs. I see a pattern emerging. In fact, cats only won all-cat matchups. Although Biddy got enough votes to win against most contestants, he couldn’t lift a paw to the juggernaut of cuteness that is Tessi. 131 votes! Tessi is officially the Duke University of this tournament.

If you need a refresher on rules, go here. For now, here are the three rules you really need to know:

  1. All Round 2 polls will stay open until Sunday at noon.
  2. You may campaign for your pet, but ask people to vote who they truly think is cutest. This isn’t about your friends’ loyalty to you. This is about cuteness.
  3. Each person may only vote once.

There will be one matchup a day this week. Let’s start with today’s human-dog-dog matchup.


Lacey Lu

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1 thought on “Round 2 Begins!”

  1. As the unofficial statistician of this tournament, I’m happy to share that there of the 27 entries, 9 (33%) were babies, 11 (41%) were Dogs, and 7 (26%) were Cats.

    The 4 babies that advanced represent 44% of all babies entered, and maintain a 33% representation of all contestants in this round.
    The 6 advancing dogs represent 55% of the dogs entered, and an even 50% of the contestants in this round.
    And the 2 cats make up 29% of the total cat but only 17% of the contestants in this round.


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