The Last 7 Contestants of Round 1

So here we are on the final day of Round 1. Except it’s not really the final day, since voting will remain open until Sunday at noon. Here’s how this is going to work:

I’ll close the polls on Sunday at noon. I’ll update the bracket, and 12 competitors will remain, 3 in each group. So there will be four head-to-head-to-head competitions, one posted each day next week starting on Monday, with the polls again remaining open until Sunday at noon.

I ask this of pet/child owners: It’s awesome that you’re campaigning for your children and pets. I’m flattered that you’re sending traffic to my blog, and it’s been an exciting 3 days. However, in the end, I’m hoping that this tournament will determine the cutest pet, not the pet with the most friends. So if you campaign for votes, make it fair. Tell people to check out the poll and ask them to vote for the cutest pet/child. Hopefully it’ll be yours.

Without further ado, here are the final three matchups of Round 1:

Mary's Son

If you’re looking for the other Round 1 matchups, here are Day 1, Day 2, and Day 3.

8 thoughts on “The Last 7 Contestants of Round 1”

  1. That is why I thought the adult should not be in the picture and the picture should have a just a number. Jamey are you getting all the votes because you are the author or because you are really cuter than that adorable dog?

    • It is a beautiful dog. I’d say that it isn’t “cute,” per se, though. And I hope people aren’t voting for me just because it’s my blog!

    • I am 100% in agreement. For the finals, you should change the names to numbers. If people really want to know the names, they can look back at older posts.

      • But…why? If I go on Facebook and say, “Vote for #3!”, it’s the same as me going on Faceboook and saying, “Vote for Biddy!”

        If three other people reply to this and agree with Ariel and Margot, I’ll oblige.

  2. Also, I should note that these matchups truly were random, and yet the two “messy kid” photos ended up going against one another. Serendipitous.

  3. I’d post a rallying cry to vote for my baby picture, but hell, I want to vote for Thumper over myself. That dog is adorable.


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