Tournament of Cuteness Final Four

As we enter the final two weeks of this tournament, the contestants have been pared down to four: Tessi, Ben, Llewellyn, and surprise winner Mario. The rules are the same as always: Vote once for the cutest animal/human by Sunday at noon.

For the final matchups, I asked the contestants’ owners/parents to write about something really cute that their pet/baby does or has done. Please take these descriptions into consideration as you deliberate.

Tessi: It’s hilarious -and cute- when Tessie plays with ice cubes.  Her favorites are these little ones I have that are the size of a gumdrop.  She gets the ice cube in her mouth and in one motion she hops and flings it in the air, ears a flappin’!  When it lands, she hops on top of it and bats it around with her paws, making the cube skitter across the floor.  Then she chases it and flings it again.  She loves to fling it in in the corner where it can make noise hitting the walls and the floor.   My heart melts as the ice cube melts…every time.

Ben: Ben and I were driving to my Aunt’s last Friday for pizza when “Ice, Ice Baby” by none other than Vanilla Ice came on the radio.  I turned it up a little bit and said “Ben, this is one of Momma’s favorite songs”.  I started singing and doing the “raise the roof” move. After a couple of minutes of looking at me like I was insane Ben joined in.  He started to sing, well okay – rap – the chorus with me and do his dance.  Which is comparable to Albert Brennaman’s “making the pizza” move in Hitch. So funny!  All weekend he would randomly stop, start dancing and with a huge smile on his face start rapping “Ice, ice baby”.  I wish I could have gotten that on video!


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