Tournament of Cuteness Final

It comes down to man vs. dog.

Just as nature intended it.

In one corner we have Ben, who, with a whopping 152 votes, eclipsed the juggernaut that was Tessi. Ben is adorable, overworked, and delightfully frumpy.

In the other corner we have Llewelyn, whose name I can’t seem to ever get right, and it might not be right here. In the tournament’s closest finish, Llewelyn nudged his Corgi nose just past Mario. I’ve actually had the pleasure of meeting Llewelyn, and I can confirm that he’s cuddly and playful and very cute.

Given Ben’s overwhelming victory in the last contest, he is the clear favorite. But can the masses resist those huge puppy eyes? We’ll see.

Cast your votes (one per person) by Wednesday, March 30 at 10:00 pm. I will announce the winner with much pomp and circumstance  on March 31st. As noted in the original blog entry, the winner will receive Angel Baked Cookies, a limited-edition ARC of Blank Slate Press’s The Samaritan ($4.99 Kindle edition here), and I’ll throw in some treats for the baby/dog. After all, they’re the ones carrying the weight around here.



11 thoughts on “Tournament of Cuteness Final”

      • Sadly, no. And I forgot to vote. Oops! They are so cute and different. Very hard to decide. It’s like comparing apples and oranges to me. I would love to hold, snuggle, and kiss them until they wiggle away from me. SO CUTE!!

  1. I agree with Jasmin! I’ve never seen so much cuteness on one page before. Against any other creature in the world, I’d vote for Llewelyn, hands down. But how can I eschew a baby with NO LEGS?

    Late one night in the basement of an undisclosed bar in the old, run down part of Vegas that the city likes to sweep under the rug like it doesn’t exist, I sat with Ben, his tie askew and the bags under his eyes weighing heavily on his cheekbones following another underattended performance. After several Irish car bombs, I promised that baby that I’d write another blog entry about his exploits…and with gritted teeth (both of them) and the fire of a thousand shots of Jagermeister burning in his eyes, he promised me he’d make it to the finals. Well, he’s delivered, and now, so shall I….so shall I.

    • I particularly like that Ben’s choice of drink after a long week at work is the Irish Car Bomb. Oh, and “with gritted teeth (both of them).” Well done, sir.

    • So I called Ben late last night, and with shame in my voice, admitted that I had not yet regaled one of his tales on the blog. I braced myself for a bout of anger, like the time gave a dime of Ben’s best weed to Bret Michaels in February of ’86 and he threw an amp on me from a 2nd story window and left me unconscious in a snowy alley in Cleveland with a broken collar bone. But no…his rage has subsided over the years and all I heard on the other end of the line was a tired, weathered voice assuring me that it was OK. So, to encourage the Ben votes, I will prepare one of these tales once Ben emerges victorious:

      The Day Ben Beat the Sh*t Out of the E-Trade Baby
      (Quick overview: More blood and pain than any baby should witness, yet alone cause)

      How Ben Actually Beat Tessi to Get Into the Finals
      (Quick overview: Ben’s willing to do anything…wink…annnnyyyythhing to get into the finals)

      Hairbands Are Dead: The Downward Spiral that Led to the Now-Famous Blog Picture of Ben
      (Quick overview: Ben used to be somebody. He used to party with Def Leppard. He used to have long, flowing locks. He used to snort 2 kilos of coke a week and go days without sleep. How did he end up a balding, washed up lounge singer with a pocketful of sorrows and only a beat up ’78 Chevy Nova to his name?)

      • Oh, I can’t wait to read the tale of The Day Ben Beat the Sh*t Out of the E-Trade Baby.

        What’s Ben going to do with the prizes now that he won? Is he going to snort the cookies like he used to with coke?

  2. Trevor makes me actually LOL.

    I have to ask…how exactly is “Llewelyn” pronounced? I’ve seen it before, but have never known how to say it.


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