Management Tactic #44: Be Different

A while back, I posted about my love for a website called Kickstarter. It’s a site for raising funds for any project. You ask people to support you, you give them things in exchange for their support, and if you don’t raise as much money as you needed, nobody pays anything. Here’s a really cool recent project to check out over there.

But the other day I was reminded that you don’t necessarily need Kickstarter to succeed in raising funds for a passion project. Sure, access to the 1,367 Kickstarter feed subscribers (and many more e-mail subscribers) is nice…if your project is featured. But let the following project be an inspiration to us all.

Javier Mendoza is a musician who attends Mass at my church with his family. He’s amazingly talented and passionate about his music, and he’s also quite generous with his time and talent.

I recently learned that he has launched a whole new Kickstarter-like platform for selling his music. Instead of buying a single CD, you can subscribe to a year’s worth of music–you pay once up front (like for a magazine subscription), and then every other week for the next year you get a song of his delivered to your inbox. It’s as if Javier himself is showing up at your door 27 times a year to give you a new song.

What’s really cool are the other levels Javier has created. It’s with these special rewards that Kickstarter projects stand out from the pack. For $1,200, in addition to the subscription, Javier will play a solo concert for you at your home. And to top that, for $3,000 he’ll write a song specifically for you.

I love that we live in an era when artists can create unique, personalized experiences like this. Have you ever supported a project on Kickstarter? What was it?

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  1. Colleen says:

    I love Javier Mendoza’s music! I wasn’t aware of the new platform and tiers he has to share his music now. Thanks!

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