Leadership Tactic #56: The Value of Facetime

Today at work, schedule lunch in the near future with a coworker with whom you’ve never chatted one-on-one for more than a few minutes.

You’d be amazed at what a little facetime can do.

Two years ago at my full-time job, one of our interns would come into my office about twice a week to chat for about 15-20 minutes. Nothing work related, just two people debating and discussing pretty much everything.

When the intern’s year came to a close, I knew what made her tick. Combining that knowledge with my firsthand experience of her organizational skills and work ethic, I’d have no hesitation to recommend her for any job. In fact, it goes beyond recommendations–she’s one of those people that I think of all the time when I hear about open job positions.

Contrast that to another intern I worked with. Truly, this person was a fantastic intern, and I’d happy recommend them to future employers. But this intern never went after any facetime. As a result, when it came time for that intern to move on, I learned too late that the intern had been looking for jobs in a field where I happen to have a lot of connections.

You never know what you may stumble upon when you really get to know someone at work or elsewhere in your life. So today, go get some facetime with someone you’re genuinely curious about. Don’t try to make a good impression; just be yourself and get to know someone knew. You’ll reap the benefits down the road.