Pet Please #51: Playing a Sport Immediately After Watching That Sport on TV

One of my favorite things is watching a professional sport on TV and then playing that sport immediately afterwards.

I do this when I play soccer on the weekends–I watch a few minutes of a game, get hyped up about playing, and then go out onto the field and think I’m Ronaldo.

Part of the thrill of this is seeing how the best players in the world play the game and then trying to emulate it. And part of it is watching the players and feeling like I can do that and then actually going and doing it!

It’s the best.

Do you do this for any sports?

9 thoughts on “Pet Please #51: Playing a Sport Immediately After Watching That Sport on TV”

  1. Absolutely! This is the best. In contrast, it can be tough when you watch a sport, get all pumped up, and then can’t go play the sport.

    • That’s true–that even happens to me sometimes with sports I don’t play, like curling or the high jump.

      • The first time I read your comment I thought it said, “sports I don’t play, like curling up.” Then I imagined you watching a utube clip of a man curled up with his cat and you being sad that you couldn’t curl up with Biddy. I almost cried.

        • That’s the second time in two days that someone has typed “utube” instead of “youtube.” How much time did you save not typing “yo”? Go online and go to It’s not the same site. 🙂

  2. Oh, that’s a funny picture! I can’t look away. So that’s how you run on the field? HAHA!

    And man, look at those leg muscles on him. OMG! He can kill you with one kick. I’m sure if you ask him to kick open a watermelon, it will turn into a gillion watermelon flavor dew.

  3. This happened to me the other day! I currently have 3 gym memberships (I normally just have 2, but I’m in transition because of my move). I watched a Gatorade commercial before going to bed and woke up the next day super pumped. I took really difficult classes at ALL 3 gyms. No water aerobics or girly yoga. These were hardcore. In fact, one class was actually called “Hardcore.”

    It’s 48 hours later. I am moving like a poorly oiled Tin Man. It’s difficult to pick up my legs to walk. When no one is looking I kind of just slide my feet forward to move. I totally thought I was an elite athlete. I totally thought all I needed was the G-series to get through anything and everything. Gatorade should have a drink with ibuprofen in it!!!


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